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Anti-aging treatment(001).jpgHair removal-New(001).jpgScar Vaginal treatment-New(001).jpgSkin Cleansing-New(001).jpg
Anti-aging treatmentHair RemovalScars&Vaginal treatmentSkin Cleaning
Remove epidermal pigmentation: speckles, age spot...Two good ways for hair removal...CO2 Fractional Vaginal Laser Machine...Vacuum aqua facial (Mini-Air Bubble) treatment...

Skin tighten-New(001).jpgTattoo removal-New(001).jpgVascular lesions(001).jpg
Skin tightenTattoo RemovalVascular Lesions
which can penetrate the epidermis into deep dermis layers...-Switched ND:YAG Laser absorbed the blue and black melanin...It can give you the smooth and flat skin back...