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  • Newest Products

    Newest Products

    Picosecond laser, no-channel diode laser hair removal machine, and more new designed machines are sold on market Whatsapp:0086-15201297376
  • Laser Beauty Machine

    Laser Beauty Machine

    SHR Laser machine, IPL laser, 810nm diode laser, long pulse laser, 980nm diode laser,picosecond laser can be different treatment on patient's body. Whatsapp:0086-15201297376
  • IPL Machine

    IPL Machine

    Intense pulse light (IPL) is effective on hair removal and skin rejuvenation. Whatsapp:0086-15201297376
  • Multifunction Beauty Machine

    Multifunction Beauty Machine

    OPT laser, Q-switched laser, diode laser function combine into one machine for multifunction treatment. Whatsapp:0086-15201297376
  • Slimming Machine

    Slimming Machine

    Slimming machine is good result on patient's face and body, give you the confidence about your body. Whatsapp:0086-15201297376
  • Hifu Machine

    Hifu Machine

    Hifu machine is good for skin rejuvenation and slimming body.
  • Beauty Machine Accessories

    Beauty Machine Accessories

    Supply the diode laser whole handpiece (Micro-Channel , Macro-Channel, No-Channel diode laser tubes)with technology to help you assemble the machines in your own factory. Whatsapp: 0086-15201297376 Email: