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Diode Laser Machine Improve Production
Jul 20, 2017

Sealed CO2 lasers can emit FIR lasers with wavelengths of 10.6 μm or 9.4 μm, Diode Laser Machine although both wavelengths are easily absorbed by dielectrics such as polyimide film substrates, Diode Laser Machine but studies have shown that processing such materials with 9.4 μm wavelengths is much better. Diode Laser Machine The absorption coefficient of the dielectric at a wavelength of 9.4 μm is high, and drilling or cutting the material with this wavelength is faster than using a wavelength of 10.6 μm. 9.4μm laser not only in drilling and cutting when the advantages of obvious, Diode Laser Machine slice effect is also very prominent, so the use of shorter wavelengths of laser can improve productivity and quality.

In general, Diode Laser Machine the FIR wavelength is easily absorbed by the dielectric, Diode Laser Machine but will be reflected back by the copper, so the vast majority of CO2 laser for dielectric processing, slicing and dielectric substrate and laminate layered. Since CO2 laser output power is higher than that of DPSS laser, Diode Laser Machine CO2 laser is used in most cases to process dielectrics. CO2 laser and UV-DPSS lasers are often used, for example, Diode Laser Machine when drilling micro-vias, first with DPSS laser to remove the copper layer, Diode Laser Machine and then use CO2 laser quickly in the dielectric layer drilling, until the next copper layer appears again The process.

As the UV laser itself is very short wavelength, so it shoots the spot than the CO2 laser fine, but in some applications of CO2 laser generated large diameter spot than UV-DPSS laser more useful. Diode Laser Machine Such as cutting a large area of material such as grooves, squares and large holes (diameter greater than 50μm), the time required for CO2 laser processing is shorter. In general, Diode Laser Machine the aperture ratio of 50μm larger when using CO2 laser processing more appropriate, less than 50μm aperture when the UV-DPSS laser effect is better.

Unlike airflow CO2 lasers, Diode Laser Machine sealed CO2 lasers use a block release technique that limits the laser gas mixture to the laser cavity specified by the two rectangular electrode plates, Diode Laser Machine which during the entire service life (typically about 2 to 3 years) Is sealed. Sealed laser cavity structure is compact, no ventilation, laser head can work for more than 25,000 hours without maintenance. Diode Laser Machine The biggest advantage of the seal design is the ability to generate fast pulses, Diode Laser Machine such as block release of the laser can issue a power peak of 1.5kW high frequency (100kHz) pulse. High-frequency and high-peak power can be used for rapid machining without causing any thermal degradation.

UV-DPSS laser is a solid device that continuously sucks a neodymium vanadate (Nd: YVO4) crystal rod with a laser diode array. It is pulsed by a acousto-optic Q-type switch and changes with Nd: YVO4 by a third harmonic crystal generator The output of the laser, Diode Laser Machine the output from the basic wavelength of 1,Diode Laser Machine 064nm IR down to 355nm UV wavelength. Under normal circumstances 355nm UV-DPSS laser at 20kHz nominal pulse repetition rate of the average output power of 3W or more.