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Beauty Machine Innovation
Jul 20, 2017

Modern women's beauty of the heart, Beauty Machine to promote scientists continue to introduce new technology, the use of radio frequency technology to the beauty industry is a major breakthrough in history. Beauty Machine And in the radio before the beauty of a "home" word, it is the world's attention to subversive innovation, while the world's women ecstasy endless. However, science and technology is a double-edged sword, Beauty Machine many unscrupulous businesses to use the "home radio beauty instrument," the gimmick, threw himself, so that non-professional consumers suffer from economic and even life safety losses and threats. Want to follow the trend, Beauty Machine into the home of radio frequency beauty of the small age, you need a pair of discernment of the eye.

Radio frequency definition: RF (Radio Frequency) radio frequency, Beauty Machine is the RF current, is a high frequency AC change electromagnetic wave short. Less than 1000 times per second changes in the AC called low-frequency current, more than 10000 times called high-frequency current, and RF is a high-frequency current.

Frequency of radio frequency: the frequency that is Hz, Beauty Machine is that the number of repetitions within a second, is to commemorate the invention of the infinite wave of German physicist Hertz (Heinrich Rudolf Hertz) named. One second time is 1Hz, 1 second 60 times is 60Hz, Beauty Machine 1 second 1000 times is 1KHz, 1 second a million is 1MHz, 1 second billion is 1GHz. According to a large number of experiments show that the best frequency of home radio beauty instrument: 0.3MHz-0.6MHz. If more than this frequency range, not suitable for their own home operation, and the need for professional operation. RF classification:

Single-stage RF:

1) the role of depth: 5-20mm, can play to the subcutaneous tissue and dermis, and even up to the muscle layer.

2) Principle: RF current circulation body, not only for the treatment of the site, the treatment will be more deep, resulting in electromagnetic waves through the body soft tissue, Beauty Machine the dermis tissue heating.

3) Efficacy: to stimulate the subcutaneous deep tissue, so that the skin heat tightening, the effective dissolution of cellulite and stimulate the regeneration of collagen under the skin.

4) on behalf of the brand: Switzerland "Biao doctor" beauty instrument, Beauty Machine radio frequency technology is the most advanced, more than 10 years of radio frequency technology research, is the leader in RF beauty research.

Bipolar RF:

1) the role of depth: 1-5mm, only acting on the dermis, Beauty Machine can not be more in-depth.

2) Principle: the current take a short distance route, only for the scope of treatment, can not be applied to the deep tissue, in the skin care than single-level radio frequency, Beauty Machine and bipolar radiofrequency treatment need to combine single-stage radio frequency or other light source system operation Ideal effect.

3) Efficacy: mainly for the treatment of thinner skin, such as eye, temple and other parts. Efficacy is not all-round.

Three radio frequency: 1) the role of depth: 0-20mm, Beauty Machine while acting on the dermis and subcutaneous tissue.

2) Principle: The positive and negative conversion in the three poles makes the therapeutic energy concentrated in the treatment area, Beauty Machine which will make the heat conduction more efficient and more in-depth.

3) Efficacy: to stimulate the body's blood circulation and lymph, Beauty Machine will help fat and toxins from the body, so as to achieve the purpose of thin beauty. But the current technology on the three radio frequency research is not yet mature, from the application of the cosmetic industry there is still some distance, Beauty Machine only stay in the clinical research stage, but also need to continue to study and practice to serve life. As to when to be used by home is a long way to go. To sum up, from the safety and effectiveness of the point of view, [unipolar RF technology is more suitable for consumer home use]. And the market hype [quadruple radio frequency or even five radio frequency] is completely nonsense, three radio frequency still need a lot of research and numerous clinical practice, Beauty Machine not to mention the four and five radio frequency it? Those who advertise about them are nothing more than the bait that businesses are ignoring in their conscience and ignoring consumer safety and interests. Beauty Machine The wise man will not be hooked.

The principle of radio frequency: radio frequency of radio frequency, will affect the body of electronic movement of physical reactions. When "+, -" polar electrons move, Beauty Machine they cause collision, rotation and distortion, resulting in heat. It will release the energy through the skin surface directly to the dermis layer, from the bottom of the skin directly heat, when the dermis tissue heat to 40-60 ℃, the skin will produce a variety of biological reactions, this process is called " law". "Toughening" can stimulate the fibroblasts in the cortex, Beauty Machine secrete more nascent collagen to fill the shrinkage and loss of collagen space, Beauty Machine so that collagen continues to proliferate and rearrange, Beauty Machine so as to achieve immediate tightening of the skin compact effect.