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Beauty Laser Machine Technology Is Fast
Jul 28, 2017

Laser beauty in the skin beauty science plays a very big role, is an important means of skin beauty, more and more people's attention, with the rapid development of laser technology, Beauty Laser Machine laser treatment instrument replacement and update speed is also increasing, The scope of application is also expanding, the effect of treatment is also improving, especially in the pigmented skin diseases, vascular skin diseases,Beauty Laser Machine hirsutism and rejuvenation, etc. has been quite mature.

Suitable for laser treatment of the obstacles to the appearance of pigmented skin diseases are mainly Ota nevus, tattoo, zygomatic brown glaucoma, seborrheic keratosis, freckles, Beauty Laser Machine coffee spots, Ito nevus, chloasma, Riehl melanosis and freckles Such as nevus. Different cosmetic lasers have different indications (Table 6-2-2). The main factor determining the therapeutic effect is the patient's original skin color, usually the size of the lesion, the age of the patient, the anatomical site, and the color of the dye are the main determinants. Deep skin patients are more likely to develop pigmentation than those with shallow skin. Before treatment, Beauty Laser Machine it is best to choose a representative small area in the lesion for experimental treatment, and to deal with the skin after the reaction to make judgments. After treatment should pay attention to wound care and pay attention to cleaning, until the wound healing, to keep the skin moist. Beauty Laser Machine To avoid the formation of dry scab. L ~ 2 weeks after healing. Usually the treatment interval of at least 6-8 weeks, with the increase in the number of treatment, energy density can be gradually increased, the maximum energy density should be based on laser and patient skin changes. Should pay attention to the prevention of pigment changes, thermal damage and scar and other adverse reactions.

Vascular dermatology for laser treatment is mainly telangiectasia, glaucoma nevus, capillary hemangioma, keratosis, creeping hemangioma, idiopathic systemic vascular telangiectasia, lower extremity telangiectasia, spider Moles, palmoplantar warts, red tattoos, hypertrophic scars, Beauty Laser Machine keloids and other diseases. The main laser instrument has a flash pumped pulsed dye laser (Table 6-2-3). Facial telangiectasia, erythema treatment can be repeated every 4-6 weeks, the proliferation of hemangioma, the patient can be repeated once every 3 weeks until the clinical observation of hemangioma regression, usually laser treatment of hemangioma ,Beauty Laser Machine Sometimes with purpura, and for 7-10 days, after treatment of facial telangiectasia or erythema, there was slight redness and swelling, lasting 1-2 hours. In the treatment of cherry-like hemangioma, prone to scab, the patient should be psychologically prepared, after treatment with hydrophilic rehabilitation ointment 1 week to maintain local moisture.

Laser hair removal is theoretically applicable to all hirsutism patients, Beauty Laser Machine regardless of hair color, laser or flash hair removal can almost always lead to temporary hair loss. As the induction of hair into the quiescence, can delay hair growth, treatment should vary, Beauty Laser Machine to choose the ideal treatment parameters, pulse dose and density depends on the hair color, Beauty Laser Machine multiple treatment can achieve the maximum hair removal effect. Commonly used laser instrument has long pulse eruption gemstone hair removal laser machine, wavelength 755 nm. The ideal hair removal treatment may require the use of different wavelengths and pulse width of the laser. Indications include congenital generalized hirsutism, symptomatic hirsutism, iatrogenic hirsutism, nevoid hirsutism, women with hirsutism, Cushing's syndrome and congenital adrenal hyperplasia. Beauty Laser Machine Postoperative only dry hair vaporization and in particular he changed significantly. Beauty Laser Machine Generally after a few minutes, there may be edema around the hair follicles, erythema, Beauty Laser Machine ice bag can reduce postoperative pain and edema, topical mild hormone can reduce postoperative edema and erythema, to avoid any stimulation of the treatment area, especially sun exposure. As long as the choice of appropriate dose and density, can prevent temporary pigment abnormalities, such as pigmentation, pigmentation。