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Open a new Beauty Salon ----- How to choose the beauty machines
Dec 11, 2017

The beauty salons industry status:

1. Only using massage skills in beauty salon has 9.6%, but the beauty salons has beauty machines has 86.6%.

2. Beauty machines project profit rate:

Breast Enlargement and lose weight project  32.8%,Whiten and spots removal 27.2%,Basic nursing 21%,SPA Moisturizing  15%,other project 4%。

3. Choosing machines priority:  Body shaper-----Whiten and spots removal-----Physiotherapy-----Wrinkle removal-----Mositurizing-----Foot massage-----Elight/IPL and so on.

Beauty salons operation ways and ratio: High technology beauty machines (42.6%), Promotion/append capital (37.4%), Top-level talents/shop management (12.7%), service strength (12.7%).

How to choose the beauty machines:


According to your beauty salons positioning and development, make a suitable shopping programme for your salon, such as the body slimming, freckle removal, mosturizing, Postpartum repair and so on.

Technologies advanced 

To get more profit, so you should choose the high technology and safty machines, the research and development manufacturers for first choice.

Machines quality

The machines quality is the most important considerable factor. If the quality is not stable, and it will effect the normal operation and profit. It also bring the bad experience to cause the customers loss.

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