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International Beauty Fair in Brazil
Jun 14, 2016

International Beauty Fair in Brazil

Fair Hall: Center of Northern Exhibition in Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Industry: Beauty Care

Area: Brazil

Information of Fair

Brazilian Beauty Fair is the biggest Beauty series Fair in South America, it gets many international companies’ supports. France, Spain, US Italy, Germany etc. present competitively. There’re nearly 530 companies from around the world, one third of them are beyond Latin America, such as US, France, UK, Germany, Japan, Spain and Portugal etc. What’s more, the professional buyers get to 75,000 person /time. The fair has made itself to be the most influential Make-up Beauty fair in Central and South America. It attracts global professional buyers to visit and purchase. And it brings significant orders and business opportunities to exhibitors at the same time.


Hair Products: Periwig finished/semi-finished,Shampoo and care products, Gratinating ointment, Hair appliances(hair dryer, curlers, scissors etc.)
     Salon Products: Perfume, Cosmetic, Bathe Products, Maintenance and Beauty Products, Hair-tidy Products, Massage and Skin care Product.
     Gifts and Accessories: Perfume bottles, Cosmetic bags, Brushes, Combs, Mirrors, Packaging, Eyebrow pencils, Lip pencils, Eye shadow pencils, Eyeliner pencils, Massages.
     Packaging materials: Lipstick boxes, Blush boxes, Perfume sprays, Emulsion sprays, Plastic containers, Metal containers, packaging of all kinds of cosmetic beauty products.
     Raw materials: A variety of make-up, Beauty face, Hair-dressing, Skin care Raw material of packaging product.

Exhibition Period

One session every year

Number of Exhibitors


Exhibition area


Exhibition Keywords

Brazilian International Beauty Fair Sao Paulo Beauty Fair

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