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How to choose suitable laser protective goggles /eyewear/glass
Dec 12, 2017

The suitable laser protective goggles also called laser eyewear and laser protective glass

doctor Physician and Medical Laser Technician laser glass

It's necessary safety tool for all kinds laser research , experiments and operation. Today we will tell the normal ways to use the glass.


1.   Confirm the laser wavelength.

The general laser wavelength is 1064nm, 10600nm, 355nm, 808nm and so on.  

Choose the laser protective goggles to defense 1 wavelength or some wavelengths?  The laser protective glass usually defense different wavelengths during the specific wavelength. However, we suggest you should choose different wavelength laser protective glass for different wavelengths to more better for your eyes.


2.        Choose which levels laser protective goggles:

CE Certification and no CE.

Protection levels: OD1+ to OD7+, and we recommend the highest levelsOD7+.

Of course, for the fast laser, we can choose the different parameters glasses.


3. Different working condition, the laser protective glass need visible light transmittance. Because the laser protective eyewear not only defense the laser, but also need to keep out some visible light. Most customers want to get the higher visible transmissivity, VLT >50%, it can observe the laser experiments or the course of working. Of course, some customers need to low visible transmissivity, such as in some  strone visible light condition, recommend to choose the VLT <50%、even<30% models,to protect the eyes.



4. Lastly confirm the laser protective glass style: the size and style also very important for customers.


Hope you can choose the proper laser protective glasses according to our suggestions. 

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