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Hair Growth Charater
Nov 10, 2016

Hair Removal should accroding to the hair growth period

The configuration of hairs

1. hair shaft;

2. hair follicle

a.The upside of hair follicle

I funnel part: from the hair follicle hatch to sebaceous gland hatch

II hair follicle isthmus: the hatch of sebaceous gland, with arrector pil.

b.The downside of hair follicle

I neck part: arrector pil attachment contains some special hair stem cells

II bottom parts: hair papilla-with capillary and nerve endings offering nutrition to the hair shaft;the matrix of hairs-the growth area of hair follicle and there are melanophore.

The growth periodicity of hairs

1. The hair growth cycle: every cycle includes anagen, catagen and telogen. Generally speaking the

anagen of hairs is about 3 years, the catagen of hairs is about 3 weeks.the telogen of hairs is

about 3 months; the hairs of different parts are not synchronization, the hair of different part

has different growth cycle. The length of hairs in differentparts is related to the growth cycle,

for example, the growth cycle of eyebrows is about 2 months.

2. Anagan: the hair grow actively; there are the most melanophore.

3. Catagen: the hair stop growing, capillary reduces, the hair papilla shrinks, and the melanophore stop producing.

4. telogen: hair follicle and hair papilla are separated, falling off hair.

The relation of the growth cycle of hairs and treatment

1. The less portion of hair during Anagen , the more of the treatments, otherwise, less treatments.

2. Because the hair of different part has different growth cycle, so the session delay of Laser Hair Removal treatment will be different for different parts.

3. The depth of hair follicle is different for different parts; the deeper of the hair follicle, the longer laser wavelength and the bigger spot size are required.

4. Because the density of hair follicle is different, so the energy of Laser Hair Removal should be adjusted accordingly, in principle the larger of the densityof hair follicle, the lower the energy density of laser or light.

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