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Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing A Good Choice
Oct 11, 2016

Fractional CO2 laser Repair are good lasers and when used properly by an experienced doctor, which can achieve good results.The MOST important factor in laser resurfacing is not the machine but the experience and skill of your doctor.That said i will tell you that at 2 years, the final results of a properly done a Fraxel repair laser resurfacing are equal.laser resurfacing is less painful, and has quicker recovery at the same depth of treatment.the laser you mention create small dots or mtzs (Micro Thermal Zones) of tissue injury or heating. The MTZ heal from the surrounding injured tissue so that you get a smoother, tighter more uniform appearance of the skin.

CO2 fractional lasers utilize CO2 which has a higher wavelength of light in the Infra red spectrum.While it also uses water as a chromophore it is not as specific so the thermal relaxation time isn't reached as quickly and the tissue surrounding the MTZ absorb the excess heat. This allows for collagen contraction and again can gives the skin a nice uniform color and texture. The difficulty with the heat for both lasers is that this can cause hyperpigmentation in darker skin types or long term hypopigmentation.

CO2 has been considered the gold standard for facial resurfacing, however the ProFractional with its ability to deliver prescribed depths of tissue ablation and heat may give your provider a little more control.

Choose a good doctor who does laser resurfacing in your area and trust the laser advice, which will bring the good result.

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